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ARC Driver of the Month: September

We are always very happy when the competition is close, & we have lots of different winners, unpredictable results, & parity amongst drivers.

September of 2023 was one of those months, in nearly all series, as no driver scored more than 3 wins for the month.

With that said, this month came down to two drivers- Ridwan Hamza, & Cameron Lopes-McDermid.

The latter gets the mod for the first fall month, as Lopes-McDermid had his strongest month in ARC ever, winning all 3 races of the ARC Formula 1 European Championship season, won the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix, & extended his points lead to a comfortable cushion where he is now en-route to his first ever ARC championship!

The Portuguese driver is becoming a force in ARC, & when the Formula 1 championships flip in 2024 as planned, we expect Lopes-McDermid to be among the championship contenders once more!

The final stats for Lopes-McDermid? 3 poles, 3 wins, 3 podiums, in 3 starts.


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