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March ARC Driver of the Month

After another month of ARC racing, one driver stood above the others for the Driver of the Month vote, with 2 championship clinches, 10 wins, 12 podiums, in 26 started races in March. The driver? AJ Knickle

March's ARC season started on the fifth of the month, when Knickle would claim a convincing victory over teammate Matt Puleo in the ARC Endurance Championship's 6th round at the Nurburgring.

The following night we visited Zolder for the ARC GT3 Challenge, where Knickle picked up P4 in the Sprint, en route to a victory in the feature race. To add to the tally, he would pick up a victory two nights later in a very different type of racing, ARC NASCAR, at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

The next 3 wins would all come in the GT3 series, as Knickle picked up wins in the feature race at the Hockenheimring, & both races at Brands Hatch.

He would go on to win Endurance once again on the 26th of March at Suzuka, before winning both GT3 races on the 27th of March at Silverstone. These two Silverstone victories were very notable, as they pushed him over the record for most wins in the single ARC season, beating the previous record set by Conner Stanek at 12, by 2.

After these 2 ARC GT3 Challenge races, Knickle would claim his second ARC NASCAR victory of the month, winning at Sonoma over Jake Scarbrough.

These 10 victories came along with championships in the ARC GT3 Challenge, as well as the Endurance Championship.

Despite the dominating month, other drivers also had notable months, such as Travis VanOostendorp, who picked up a career-high three victories in a month, 2 of which coming in Rallycross, & Luis Bioucas, who briefly surpassed the domination of his teammate in the ARC Rally Raid Championship, winning the last 2 races of the season.

Micah Walls returned to victory lane for the first time in years, while Jonathan Jurgensmeyer picked up his first ARC Formula 1 victory, & Nick Indelicato set a record of 3 victories to kick off an ARC NASCAR season, this time in iRacing.

On the last day of March, Saudi driver Abdulrahman Al Hazmi also picked up his first victory in ARC, leading a Racing Predators 1-2 at the ARC Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

Other drivers to win included Liam Angelo Carag, Matt Puleo, Blakie Tuggle, Brody Fallecker, & Dylan Bahm!

We can't wait to see what April has in store for our drivers.


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