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//DIVEBOMB AutoRacingConnected is the online racing league that will mean you'll never have to find another racing league again. 

We provide the best racing across numerous racing categories, from GT3 to NASCAR, Formula 1 to Rallycross, Touring Cars to high-powered Le Mans cars, even Rally Raid racing. Anything you could want is available in just a few clicks here at ARC. 

What makes ARC special, compared to your average racing league, is how engaged we are as a community. We welcome drivers from anywhere on the globe with open arms, allowing anybody to join regardless of their background, skill level, or other factors. We encouraged the community to get to know one another by creating a brand new structure of team ownership never before seen in league racing, encouraging drivers to build lasting friendships alongside their competitors. 

But don't get us wrong- this is still a fiercely competitive racing league. Our drivers compete for glory across realistic annual championships, for glory in our history books. Since 2016 we have provided the best competition, growing every year & improving our experience. When all other leagues are gone- one will stand above the rest. A league that provides the most realistic experience that a league-racer can get. That league is AutoRacingConnected. 


2016 marked the beginning of ARC,  with 2 championships in our inaugural season on Project CARS, where drivers battled for the crown in both Endurance & GT4 classes.

AJ Knickle would take the first victory & championship in ARC, before our venture into Formula 1 competition later in the year.

In the debut ARC Formula 1 season, Alex Mieth would take 5 victories en route to the crown.


In 2017, we continued with our flagship series, including Indycar, GT3, Endurance, & F1. 

We also moved on to Project CARS 2 for the first time, where ARC legends such as Seth Rawls, Jaxon Glenn-Austin, Jacob Brown, & more would have the majority of their successes.

Alex Mieth set a record 7 race wins in a row in F1 in early 2017, claiming his second title.


2018 would mark the year of ARC's first big growth spurt, attracting drivers such as Chad Thurnquist, Christian Pacheco, Cameron Caldwell, Conner Stanek, & more. 

2018 also marked ARC's first transition into Rallycross & Touring Cars, to big success.

AJ Knickle claimed every Project CARS 2 title in 2018, as well as a record 11 race wins in a row in Endurance, a feat that has still not been replicated.


2019 was ARC's first time using annual schedules, a feature of ARC that has become unique to our league, replicating the experience of real life drivers with time between races & more realism.

2019 also marked our first venture into DiRT Rally 2.0, a game that would see RX specialist Matthew Mintz dominate.


2020 was a landmark year for ARC, as through the CoVID-19 pandemic & the growth of competitive gaming, we introduced one of our flagship leagues, ARC NASCAR, & saw new faces rise to the occasion, such as Jonathan Parker, Liam O'Neill, Jackson Tate, Joshua Law, & more.


In 2021, ARC Formula 1 grew to heights unseen before, with complete season broadcasts, competitive championships between drivers such as Lee Kelly, Mikey De Jong, Cameron Dowds, & more, while the rest of our series, namely on Project CARS 2, thrived once again with the continued growth of gaming.


Perhaps the biggest year of change in ARC, 2022 saw the addition of 2 new league owners, Luke Allen & longtime ARC driver Ryker Lommel, to partner founder AJ Knickle. In 2022, we also debuted new race formats for GT3, new series such as the Prototype Challenge, & saw new faces make huge lasting marks on the league, such as Michael Loudenslager, Dylan Bahm, & Jojo Heitzman.

We also joined //DIVEBOMB Media as their official esports league, & helped pioneer the growth of through our partnership.


For 2023, we are taking on new challenges, such as PC gaming, as after years of being a Playstation-only league, we are undertaking the challenge of iRacing leagues! 

We are sure that we will continue to see amazing growth in these upcoming seasons, & hope you will join us in our journey!

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