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ARC Driver of the Month: December

As the 2023 ARC season came to a close, the month of December saw many close, grueling championships, with only one outlier.

The only championship in which there was no doubt who was the best driver: Francis Pharand in the inaugural ARC Regional Rallies Championship Rally2 class.

The former ARC Formula 1 champion gave himself a new challenge, in a completely different style of racing.

That being said, Pharand had no trouble adapting, as he took victory in the Oceanic Rally, almost taking victory by a full minute over SLP Team 44 Racing driver Le Roux Theunission.

Dominance was all that continued for Pharand, as he won the next 2 rounds, taking victory by over 2 minutes in the Island Rally, and by a minute in the Nordic Rally.

After a mistake in the Rally Scandia which led to a second place finish to main competitor Le Roux Theunission, Pharand locked in and took victory in the season finale in the Balkan Rally.

Pharand's dominance this season allowed him to win the championship by 46 points ahead of Le Roux Theunission. A true showing of just how dominant his season was.

Pharand's return to ARC dominance in a different style of racing is a testament to how great of a driver Pharand is, as he took home his third career ARC championship.

Honorable mentions for December's Driver of the Month award include:

Luis Ramirez, who took 2 victories in the ARC Regional Rallies Championship WRC 1997 - 2011 class, along with a victory in the ARC Winter Rally Raid Championship.

Ridwan Hamza, who took 2 victories in the inaugural ARC Super Formula season, defeating SLP Team 44 Racing's Steve Koontz in a close championship fight, edging him out with a win in the season finale at Fuji.

The formula for Francis Pharand's Driver of the Month award:

6 starts

4 wins

6 podiums

1 championship


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