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ARC Driver of the Month: November

As the 2023 ARC season is coming to a close and many long, grueling seasons are coming to a close, one driver stood out amongst the rest in the month of November.

The pick for Driver of the Month came down to a few drivers, who all made their mark this month, but nobody stood out more than Dylan Bahm.

With that being said, there was nobody stopping Dylan Bahm from winning the award in November.

Coming off of a dissapointing Prototype Challenge campaign, which saw Dylan go winless and outside of the top 3 in points, he made sure everyone remembered who he was in ARC's second Supercars Championship season.

Dylan started the season off with a sweep at the Daytona Road Course. He started on pole for the sprint, and made a genius strategy call to start on the rain tires, knowing rain was immenent.

He was the only one to make this call, and was rewarded with a victory over AJ Knickle by over a minute. This victory broke a surprisingly long winless streak for him, which went on since September 11th.

Dylan started on pole for the sprint race at COTA, and took home his 3rd straight race victory, ahead of teammate Luis Ramirez. A failed fuel strategy in the feature saw him finish 4th, but that didn't conclude his dominance.

Dylan took the pole for the sprint at Laguna Seca, not to the surprise of many. He followed his lap up with a 17 second win ahead of AJ Knickle, in just a 12 lap race.

The feature wasn't as easy for Dylan, as he had to claw his way through the field, but a late mistake from Luke Allen paved the way for Dylan to take another victory.

Dylan's dominance in the Supercars Championship lended him a grand 47 point lead in the series.

Honorable mentions for this month had to be given to Micah Walls and Mick Harper, the latter of the two who clinched the Cross Countries Rallies Championship in clutch fashion over Daniel Barkasz, making for his second ARC championship.

Micah torched his dominance on the inaugural Late Model Tour, winning the first two races, and coming home second in the third. Micah holds a 50 point lead as he looks for his long-awaited first ARC championship.

The stats which led Dylan to the Driver of the Month award:

4 poles

5 wins

5 podiums


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