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The 2024 Dakar: How to Compete

The 2024 ARC Dakar Rally is soon upon us, the challenging dunes of the Empty Quarter & beyond looming in the distance.

Just ahead of that, however, we must announce the way the 2024 ARC Dakar will work, all 3000km of it & more!

The Rules:

  • The 2024 ARC Dakar Rally, paired exactly to real life, starts on the 5th of January, lasting until the 19th. Drivers must compete all 9 rallies & 24 stages, in order.

  • Stages must be submitted before the date listed above. Example: Stage 1 last from January 5-7th, so must be submitted before 11:59PM on January 7th.

  • All Vehicles from all years are allowed, including classics, with the exception of Snowrunner vehicles, which are not allowed. You may only compete in a single class.

  • Unlike other rallies, as a single event, you may not your vehicle selection after starting. Switching vehicles will lead to disqualification. Do the best with the tools you've been given.

  • The stages will be run on Free Mode > Custom Play and cannot be run with AI.

  • Stages will be run on default weather.

  • Stages can only be run once, & with absolutely no reruns. If you are found to be rerunning stages, you will be funny disqualified from the championship.

  • Drivers MUST RECORD their stages. The admin team will ask for *stage audits* randomly throughout the rally, in which when asked, a competitor must upload the stage to youtube or another platform for full viewing. Failure to provide this will add 15 minutes to the stage time.

  • Results will be sent to the admin team via Google Form- linked here:

  • Results will be posted & calculated via after the submission period closes, to keep all results hidden & fair until the stage ends.

  • You will have 5 minutes added for each instance of rules not being followed (incorrect weather, AI on, etc.) After the third instance, you will be disqualified from the rally.

  • As we are relying on an honour system for results, do NOT ruin this for others by rerunning stages. You will be disqualified immediately.

Directions on how to run the stages:

  • First, select Free Mode

  • Select Custom Play

  • Select your class followed by your vehicle.

  • Select your game mode, dependant on the event. This will be Professional mode.

  • Select your event.

  • Select the stage.

  • Disable AI, using the button showing at the bottom of the screen.

  • Run the stage, with no restarts or redos. You may reposition if you get lost, adding the given time penalty to the rally.

  • Send the screenshot of the final time screen via the Google Forms link:

What if I get lost?

  • Take a screenshot where you got lost.

  • Submit your screenshot via the normal link, but write that you got lost in the box rather than your time.

  • You will get the slowest time for the stage plus 10 minutes.

Example: If the slowest time was 0h32, you will get 0h42 What if I break down?

  • Take a screenshot where you broke down

  • Submit your screenshot via the normal link, but write that you are out for the stage due to damage in the box rather than your time.

  • You will get the slowest time for the stage plus 10 minutes

Example: If the slowest time was 0h17, you will get 0h27 Here is the Schedule!

  • January 5th-7th | Al Ula 2020 (3 stages) (deadline January 7th 11:59PM)

  • January 8th | Ha'il Excursion (2 stages) (deadline January 8th 11:59PM)

  • January 9th | Al Artawiyah Tour (2 stages) (deadline January 9th 11:59PM)

  • January 10th | Buraydah Rocky Rally (2 stages) (deadline January 10th 11:59PM)

  • January 11th-12th | Empty Quarter Raid (2 stages) (deadline January 12th 11:59PM)

  • January 13th | REST DAY

  • January 14th | Haradh Twist (2 stages) (deadline January 14th 11:59PM)

  • January 15th-16th | Tabuk 2021 (4 stages) (deadline January 16th 11:59PM)

  • January 17th | Neom 2020 (3 stages) (deadline January 17th 11:59PM)

  • January 18th-19th | Yanbu 2021 (4 stages) (deadline January 19th 11:59PM)

How are standings calculated?

  • The 2024 ARC Dakar Rally Championship will be calculated based on total time throughout the entire Rally.

Good luck to all of our competitors!


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