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The AutoRacingConnected league will see a brand new partnership for 2023, as we partner with a podcast for the first time.

We're extremely happy to announce that we're partnering with the Burning Rubber Podcast for our 2023 season.

BRP will be our primary podcast partner & will look forward to engaging them on social media, livestreams & more via our sponsorship programs.

BRP has announced in turn that they will become title sponsor of our 2023 ARC NASCAR Legacy Truck Cup on iRacing, becoming known as the ARC Burning Rubber Podcast NASCAR Legacy Truck Cup.

The podcast, hosted by longtime accomplished ARC driver Jake Scarbrough, will also host a 5-race mini cup within the ARC NASCAR Heat & ARC NASCAR iRacing Cup Series, with the highest points scorers across the 5 race span being rewarded with the title of ARC Burning Rubber Podcast Mini-Cup Champion.

This will come with bonus points awarded to the winner & winner's team at the season's end, applicable to all competitors outside of the final 4.


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