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Grid Reveal: 2023 ARC NASCAR Heat National Series Roster

The ARC NASCAR Heat National Series is finally here, with a 26-race schedule & paid exhibition event on tap for our drivers.

We're going to go through the full roster of ARC NASCAR Heat National Series drivers in order of the car choice draft, outlining the drivers of all 8 teams, & totalling 32 entries.

SLP Team 44 Racing

Team 44 Racing will be one of the NASCAR Heat Cup Series teams expanding down to the National Series, as they work on creating a pipeline for their NASCAR drivers to work their way up to the Cup team. Of these entries, Joshua Bowditch, Auto Advanced Racing driver in the ARC NASCAR Heat Cup Series will be piloting the 19, while the 20 will be piloted by rookie Zach Preston. The 18 is expected to be full-time, but a driver has not yet been announced. The 54 car will be split by the Team 44 Heat Cup Series drivers, AJ Knickle, Jojo Heitzman, Blakie Tuggle & Jackson Tate.

Jake Scarbrough Racing

Jake Scarbrough Racing has a full pipeline of drivers for their National roster, including Jake Scarbrough in the 11, Tyler McIntosh in the 16, & Matthew Stotts in the 51. All of these drivers also run in the Heat Cup Series. The 10 car is expected to be split between Fidel Fabian, Julian Lozano, & rookies Ayrton Frederick and Grady Hall. Both rookies could be on their way to bigger things should they impress.

Ferda Boyce Racing

The FBR team is once again aligned with LA7 Racing, bringing Heat Cup Series frontrunner Luke Allen into the fold, in the 8 car. Carter Richey will look for more experience running in the 7, while Billy Targee will be piloting the 9 car. The 1 car is expected to be full time, but a driver is yet to be announced.

Auto Advanced Racing

Auto Advanced Racing sees 3 of their Heat Cup Series drivers drop down to National to gather more racing experience, with Dylan Thomas in the 07, Skylar Nicole in the 08, & David Flanders in the 21. They will also have rookie Tanner Waskiewicz piloting the 68 car.

Turn 1 Autosport

Turn 1 Autosport is fielding 4 full-time Toyotas in the National Series, with Shawn KIssane in the 61, Jonathan Jurgensmeyer in the 66, & Jamie Wright in the 99. As all of these drivers are expected to show speed, rookie Sal Zavala will be in a great place to learn while piloting the #13 car.

Old Dominion Racing

Old Dominion Racing is aligned with Team 44 Racing this season, as expected. ODR Team owner & Cup Series driver for T44, Jackson Tate, may make select starts for ODR, but it is not confirmed whether this will be the case. Thus, the #36 & #90 cars have not yet had drivers announced. However, the 89 will be piloted by Matthew Stott's brother, rookie Jackson Stotts, with the 92 having ARC returnee Conner Passiment at the wheel.

N3XUS Racing

N3XUS Racing is yet to announce the majority of their drivers, but we do know that Logan Kuhl will be behind the wheel of the #6 car. No leads have been found yet on who the pilots of the #0, #4, & #15 will be.

Windy City Simsport

Windy City Simsport has ventured into stock car racing for the first time in ARC, with rookies Seth Hayman, Jonathan Giacheri, & Gavin Matte at the wheel of the 38, 39, & 44 respectively. The 93 is yet to be revealed. This team could surprise as we do not know the skill level of the drivers yet!


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