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The 2023-24 ARC NASCAR Heat Truck Series is Here

After an entire year away from the NASCAR Trucks, we are super excited to be back with close racing & high-octane action from the drivers in the ARC NASCAR series.

The schedule for 2024 is here!

As you can see, the schedule has grown from 5 races in 2023 to 12 in 2024, adding many new tracks that we're yet to visit in the trucks, while keeping some iconic truck tracks, such as Eldora!

What isn't shown in the schedule is the incredible new format, a short-season playoffs, to keep stakes high but continue to reward the best of the best.

The Format

The 2024 ARC NASCAR Heat Truck Series regular season will be 7 races long, with drivers vying for 10 playoff spots.

Win-&-in will no longer be enough, you'll have to be top 8 in points! The final 2 spots will be given to our "wildcard" drivers, drivers who have won in the 7 regular season races, but have not broken into the top 8 in points. These drivers must have started in 4 or more of the 7 scheduled regular season races to be eligible for a wildcard spot.

Drivers will gain playoff points exactly as they have in ARC seasons past, or as in real life! The only difference is that a win will now be worth 3 playoff points, as a stage point will stay the same with 1 playoff point. The top 8 championship finishers in the regular season will be awarded 8-1 playoff points on a sliding scale from first to last. These points will apply to the playoffs, starting as soon as the checkered flag flies at Talladega!

The 10 playoff drivers will fight for the top 4 playoff spots in the next 4 races, with again, no win-&-in format. The top 4 in points after the penultimate race at Kansas will be included in the championship 4, where the winner will take home the title!

How to compete:

As usual, the drivers must fill out the form! The link can be found here:

See you on the track in 2023-24!


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